Simple Ajax Contact Form

Today we’re going to learn how to make an Ajax contact form using Jquery.  This is a nearly identical implementation to what we use on our contact form.  Overall this is a simple contact form, the user inputs their name, email address and message, then clicks the send button.  From there the javascript validates the data.  Once validated we use Jquery’s ajax() function to pass the data to a PHP file and finally send the message.   This form is W3C valid and compatible with IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Continue reading

Choosing Your Web Platform



As a new web designer it’s often difficult to choose which platform you’re going to develop with.  Do you use one platform for everything?  Or do you use a different platform for each project?  Truth be told, there is no correct answer.   In this article I will outline the tips and thought process’ Tob Studios used to determine its platforms of choice.   To begin with, Tob Studios typically uses two platforms, Drupal and WordPress.   For highly customized projects we tend to stick with Drupal, while simple project are done in WordPress.     As you may have guessed the Tob Studios website is built using WordPress due to is simplistic nature.  So how did we arrive at these platforms?  Below I will list the topics we took into consideration for our choices. Continue reading